Scott's Approach to Fighting Crime: Rely on Personal Experience

Scott McKnight knows the challenges that law enforcement agencies face in combating crime in the Capital Region and will work to provide them with the necessary resources.

Scott is a reserve deputy for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office. He has volunteered hundreds of hours to make Baton Rouge a safer community. When considering anti-crime legislation in the House of Representatives, his votes will be cast based on first hand knowledge and experience. 

Many are unaware that Louisiana, particularly Baton Rouge, is among the top locations in the country for human trafficking activity. In his role as reserve deputy, Scott is active in the fight against human trafficking.

Scott will use his position in the Louisiana House of Representatives to draw public attention to the epidemic of human trafficking. These activities are going on around us on a daily basis and he will work to make sure law enforcement has all the tools needed to address this crisis.


Scott's Approach to Education:  "All of the Above"

Education is a priority. And when it comes to educating hundreds of thousands of children in diverse communities throughout Louisiana, Scott McKnight believes in an "all of the above" approach.

Scott supports public schools, charter schools, private schools, home schools and online schools. Each child is different, but no child should be trapped in a failing school...and no child's educational opportunities should be limited by his or her zip code. Choice and competition are key in our continued effort to move Louisiana's education system from the bottom to the top, and we must utilize all available resources and new ideas.

Scott supports our teachers, administrators, support personnel, school board members and everyone else involved in the noble cause of educating our children. Our educators are often functioning in less than ideal conditions. Scott intends to work with all parties to provide a safe and productive learning environment.

He supports high standards and accountability in all schools. He also understands the danger of federal overreach into local schools.

Scott is committed to keeping college tuition at a reasonable level and will support preserving the TOPS scholarship program to help our working families send their children to college without mortgaging their futures.

Scott understands that our flagship university, LSU, must be well-funded and free to compete in the higher education marketplace. The success of LSU in the classroom, in research labs and even on the football field drives our Baton Rouge economy. Scott will work with likeminded legislators to address the broken state budget and protect our universities.


Scott's Approach to Traffic: Fund our Priorities

For years, the backlog of transportation projects in Louisiana has continued to grow while our traffic seems to get worse and worse. We are still famous for our football and tailgating, but Baton Rouge has become infamous for its traffic. The time for talking about the problem passed long ago. It’s time to act to fix our roads and implement a plan to address the transportation needs of the Capital Region. Funding this backlog must be a top priority of state government.


Scott's Approach to Government: Limit Its Role

Scott McKnight believes in a limited role for government and maximum freedom for individuals. He will work to keep taxes low and make government more efficient. Scott will vote to protect human life, resist federal overreach and preserve our Second Amendment rights. 

Scott has been a competitive shooter and is a member of the NRA. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. He is committed to preserve Louisiana as a place where parents can raise future generations to enjoy the great outdoors.

As a state representative, Scott McKnight will treat all of his constituents with respect, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.